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We love when rodeos and venues decide that a link to our site can benefit their visitors, and then actually take the time to do it! If you'd like to list us with a link on your site please get in touch if you have any questions.


These instructions will help if you're not a web whiz like Guy. It's not all that tough really.



For a text link, do this:

1. Highlight the code immediately below (in red).

2. Once highlighted, right-click on it and choose "copy".

3. Open the page in your site that you want a link to show up on (can be any page).

4. Right-click your mouse to choose "paste", to place it anywhere on the page you like.


<a href="http://www.rodeoz.com" target="_blank">Other Rodeo and Bull Riding Events | rodeoz.com"</a>


Your link will look like this:


Other Rodeo and Bull Riding Events | rodeoz.com


Nothing to it!

Replace this portion of text if you'd rather the link to read differently:

"Other Rodeo and Bull Riding Events | rodeoz.com" with: "Whatever you want it to say"



To link from a picture of our logo, you can paste the following:



That's it! The link will look like this:


Pro rodeo and bull riding events



Good luck!

As always, if you have any questions, as always don't hesitate to ask us.




Links to Third Party Sites


As a convenience, we may provide links to third-party websites from the Site. We are not responsible for and do not endorse the information or content available on any third-party sites, and make no claim to represent any content or accuracy. We are not liable for any technological, legal or other consequences that arise out of your visit or transactions on any third-party websites.


Having said that... we obviously take the time to link!