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This being largely a community based site, if you're part of a rodeo and/or have
information that we should know about, do us all a favor and tell us already!



Not sure who to ask? Take a look over here.



We're happy to take the time to adequately aswer all reasonable questions.


"What is reasonable?"   As long as its not unreasonable we always take the time to respond.


For example, this has happened twice. Next time someone asks us to write a college paper on the subject of rodeo, we'll: 1. not respond, and 2. then hop over to our facebook page and decide which of your professors is the best to call about offering that student up for an unpaid internship with us!

Good interns are hard to find!


Be reasonable Grasshopper and we'll respond in kind.




We're all good for something:


Nick nick@rodeoz.com

Marketing, site feedback, event and general inquiries.




Listings and issues, technical questions and comments.



Mike mike@rodeoz.com

General sport of rodeo questions and advice.