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Rodeoz.com ...the authority guide to national rodeo.

Rodeoz is a starting point for both beginning athletes and event personnel, and an end-all solution for the rodeo fans and established athletes.


We pool our resources in an effort to bring together the traditions and those we connect with most, the rodeo crowd.  If you love rodeo and the heritage it represents as much as we do, this being our next step was only logical.


That's why we're here.



After a couple years, we now realize we've still got a good ways to go. With the continued help of the rodeo crowd in adding and updating the events and with dude's like Guy to administer and work the database of the site, we're optimistic (trust us, he can put a dusk/dawn day of mending hillside fence to shame).


Nick's been tied in since the start and continues to look after Rodeoz marketing, as well as scouting an overall best route to mapping the untold number of rodeos.


Mike's the kind of guy that knows pretty much anything and everything you can know about rodeo and freely offers it if interested; whether you're a soon-to-be green bronc rider or a family in from Europe that simply cannot wait to see a rodeo and experience it first hand from the bleachers.



Why we do it


There are tons of great rodeos out there that have a not so great online presence. Seeking out the information around rodeos and related events is often more than simply a task; near-impossible might be the more appropriate phrase. We're not stepping in to assist - we did that a long time ago! We've been knee deep collecting data, shaking hands and connecting the rodeo dots for more than two years now; its a rugged terrain and we're still looking for the best way through and out.


Is it a ton of work?  You bet.  Is it too much to ask for?  We didn't think so.


Rodeoz.com, formerly WhereToRodeo.com, is a crowd driven rodeo network and resource directory; providing means and connections that help spur the continued growth of the sport. Rodeoz features an interactive Browse by Map tool, enables users to find and plan out the best rodeos or entire rodeo circuit within any given region. Our state, date & zip driven rodeo event searches have some cool new social tools that make sharing simple, filtering events by date and location a breeze, and the editing and updating of events a no-brainer. Everything mentioned, including adding an entirely new rodeo to the site, is less than a 2 minute process.




So, Meet the Team







Height: 6'

Weight: 186lbs.

Age: 27

Riding Hand: right

Worst Riding Injury:

broken hand (right)






Mike on "Bear", a graceful

2,050lb powerhouse that demands proactive riding response. Bear's the type

to produce torn bicepts.





bull rider



Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 172lbs.

Age: 27

Riding Hand: left

Worst Riding Injury:

broken humerous (left)






Nick on "Ruff'nTumble", a

promising belly rolling

beast of a 2.5 yr. old! Allow his size to deceive you and

you're done at 3 seconds.




bull and bronc rider



Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 181lbs.

Age: 26

Riding Hand: left

Worst Riding Injury:

got his wind knocked out!





Guy on "RapidFire", a 1,700

lb pure athlete. Powerful & piston-fast from the gate.

His agility and unpredictable

nature keep you on edge.